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                您好,欢迎来到 Artiz!
                STYLE NOTES
                以女王命名的格蕾丝·凯莉(Grace Kelly)婚纱是法国奢华婚纱礼服的代表。1992年被韩国公司收购。频频出现在各大时尚杂志的Grace Kelly婚纱设计界不可动摇的尊贵地位,Grace Kelly的设计风格复古奢华,王妃的尊贵是品牌的定位,穿着上Grace Kelly婚纱无一不让人屏息凝@ 神,驻足观望。

                Queen named Grace Kelly wedding dress is France's luxurious wedding dress representative. 1992 was acquired by the Korea Companies. Frequently appeared in major fashion magazine Grace Kelly wedding dress design circles unshakable noble status Grace Kelly design style retro luxury noble princess is the brand positioning wearing a Grace Kelly wedding a breathtaking stop and wait.

                BRAND HONOR
                2011年,Grace Kelly荣获PV Awards公众评选大▽奖
                2012年,Grace Kelly荣获PV Fabrics Handle Prize 2012:授予兼具惊人触感和品质的面料,为您带来感官和情感触动的面料
                2013年,Grace Kelly荣获帕森斯学院奖
                2014年,Grace Kelly荣获VOGUE大奖-最佳礼♀服设计
                2015年,Grace Kelly荣︼获凯撒中国-年度最佳创意
                2016年,Grace Kelly荣获美国服装设计师工会奖Costume Designers Guild Awards

                In 2011 Grace Kelly won the PV allow public Awards
                In 2012 Grace Kelly won the PV Fabrics Handle Prize: 2012 awarded both amazing tactility and quality of the fabric to bring you the Fabrics of sensory and emotional
                In 2013 Grace Kelly won the parsons Academy Awards
                In 2014 Grace Kelly won VOGUE award - best dress design
                In 2015 Grace Kelly won Caesar China - annual best ideas
                In 2016 Grace Kelly won the award of the Costume designer Guild Costume Designers Guild allow

                「手工」赋予婚纱的,是情感和时代的记忆↘,是不被时间追逐的,沉静的美。在每一件值得拥有一世的婚纱背后,都有着∞一群默默倾注着智慧与执着的匠人们 。在高级定制中,经常会采用非常⌒细腻的手工钉珠工艺。所耗㊣ 费的工时极长,是一般服ξ装的10倍以上,她让原本单薄的服装在☉视觉上产生更加丰富的层次,凸显出如浮雕一般的立体「感※。更多新款Grace Kelly婚纱及▆礼服,请莅临艺匠门店。

                "Handmade" to the wedding is the emotion and the memory of the times is not the time to chase quiet beauty. In every one deserves to have a lifetime of wedding dress behind there is a group of wisdom and perseverance of the carpenter.In the advanced customization often use a very delicate manual nail bead process. The time spent a very long time is more than 10 times the general clothing she let the original thin clothing in a more rich visual level highlighting the general sense of three-dimensional.More Grace Kelly wedding dress please visit ARTIZ STUDIO